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Julie Jones

Selective Mutism Counseling

in Houston, Texas

Selective Mutism

Dr. Jones' background with selective mutism (SM) is a personal one. Her son Noah suffered from SM the first few years of his life. Family history uncovered generations of SM.  

She has spent almost two decades advocating for children with selective mutism. She has consulted with agencies and clients from all over Texas, surrounding states, and various countries.  

Trained as a family therapist, Dr. Jones treats selective mutism from a family systems perspective. A collaborative approach includes key individuals in the process. Uniquely qualified with professional experience in a school setting, she often consults with school personnel for individual accommodations.  

Ideal clients are ready for a change. Parents are active in the therapy process and willing to engage in collaborative homework with the child.  

Therapy often takes place in familiar environments such as the child's home or school. Children are always seen with caregivers included in the room.  

Dr. Jones' focus is to help the child make changes in all environments where SM impacts functioning.  Parents often report positive changes in the entire family system at the completion of treatment.  School faculty members report a feeling of increased competency in helping the child with SM and other students struggling with anxiety.