Julie Jones

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Autism, Asperger's & PDD

It's funny how you can look back at your life and see how God has placed certain people in your life, and then all of the sudden the picture of how you arrived at now makes sense. Dr. Jones has been surrounded by people with autism since she was a small child. She grew up in the hotbed of NASA engineers and brilliant computer programmers, many of whom experience the symptoms of autism. Professionally, she spent almost a decade as the lead counselor, Dean, and Director of Research for Gateway Academy, a school where 60% of students were identified with an autism diagnosis.

Always curious about what works, Dr. Jones' completed a doctorate research study focused on the social experiences of young adults with autism as they transitioned into the adult world of college.  She recently completed a multiyear study with the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) for individuals with autism.  The purpose of the research was to evaluate the impact of exercise on academic learning, mental health, and functioning in school.    

Dr. Jones offers therapy for adolescents and adults who want to make sense of the world from a strengths-based perspective.  Her clients are often seeking help with creating and maintaining social connections in the workplace, school, and personal relationships. Clients have intrinsic motivation but sometimes struggle with anxiety and intuition on how to use that motivation.  Dr. Jones often teaches individuals how to make sense of strengths in executive functioning and bolsters challenges with apps.          

Dr. Jones will gladly offer referrals to other professionals who work with young children and individuals who have non-verbal autism. Please ask!