Julie Jones

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Dr. Jones has high interest in the functioning of individuals with AD/HD.  A current personal project encompasses writing a book, speaking, and social media on the topic of AD/HD and marriage.  With UTMB, she is also studying the function of exercise on improving functioning, a topic she believes in.  

Dr. Jones spent almost a decade working with adolescents and parents with AD/HD in a school setting.  Close proximity allowed her to work with opportunities in real time.  She built a program around transitioning to adulthood which included bolstering skills and forecasting successful pathways.   A favorite area of research was looking at areas of executive functioning and evaluating apps to increase productivity.     

Today Dr. Jones works with teens and adults to help individuals realize strengths and reduce frustrations - from academic environments to marital ones.  She helps people navigate through changes in routine, relationships, and professional careers.  Dr. Jones has extensive resources and tracks the latest colleges, jobs, tech tools, and educational resources to help those with AD/HD.  

Therapy is considered a success when clients find their happy place, feel valued, and are able to call upon resources in the process.